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Yuzuki Seo
Yuzuki Seo
Biographical Information
Kanji 瀬尾 結月
Also Known as 声楽部のローレライ - Seigakubu no Rōrerai - The Choir Club's Lorelei

空気を読まない - Kūki wo yomanai (KY) - Oblivious
Death God of the Basketball Court
The Little Mermaid of Roman Academy

Horoscope Cancer
Birthday July 7, 1995
Age 16-17
Class 2-A
Club Choir
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Height 163 cm (5'4)
Blood Type B
Anime Episode 2
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 4
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Miyuki Sawashiro
English Voice Joanne Bonasso

Yuzuki Seo (瀬尾 結月 Seo Yuzuki) is the younger sister of Ryousuke Seo and the friend of Chiyo Sakura. She is also the inspiration for Oze in Let's Fall in Love. She is popular among her classmates and is sometimes asked for help on various extracurricular activities. However, her brash personality often makes people feel offended.


Yuzuki is an attractive teenage girl with naturally wavy, shoulder-length dark-blonde hair. Her hair is usually is tied in a low ponytail, secured a brown scrunchie on her left shoulder with bangs swept to the right side. When untied, her hair reaches around her breast level. She has brown eyes with a slight reddish tint to them. She has an average height and an ample bust.

Her clothes are the standard female uniform, a white blouse tucked into a navy blue skirt. Her neck bow is red, as assigned to second year students, and she wears a blazer on top. She wears her uniform in a much more sloppy fashion compared to Chiyo Sakura. Yuzuki's bow is the correct color for her year, but her skirt is shorter and she wears no socks.

However, when it comes to choir competitions, she wears her hair down and part of her hair is plaited. She is described as high-class and proper.


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Hirotaka Wakamatsu[]

Seo and Wakamatsu in the movie theater.

Yuzuki often makes Wakamatsu do various tasks for her; however, Yuzuki is oblivious about her forceful, intimidating nature towards him. Although they sometimes clash with each other, Yuzuki is fond of him, bringing gifts for him when she goes on trips. Wakamatsu claims that Yuzuki is the only person he can't stand, but nevertheless, they continue to go on different kinds of outings. In chapter 66, Wakamatsu finds out that Yuzuki is bad with romantic feelings and situations. He confesses his (non-existent) feelings to her, which makes Yuzuki immediately run backwards from him.

Wakamatsu is in love with Lorelei because her singing lets him sleep easily (he suffers from insomnia). He is unaware of Yuzuki's identity as Lorelei despite Yuzuki telling him so several times. In chapter 124, Yuzuki's cold allows her to sing in front of Wakamatsu without him falling asleep. At first, he is shocked, but realization eventually settles in. However, his feelings towards her are still confused and he also "can't even wear headphones without getting chills".

Chiyo Sakura[]

Gekkan shoujo nozaki kun yuzuki seo render by koukochiisaki-d7vw9td.png

Ironically, Yuzuki behaves quite normally with Sakura. They sit next to each other in class, which is why they became good friends. Sakura is very proud of her title as Lorelei.

Yuu Kashima[]

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Yuzuki is Kashima's singing coach, who is tone deaf. Yuu usually refers to Yuzuki as "sensei" even though the two are quite close. Like Sakura, Kashima does not find Seo an obnoxious person and they would hang out together for occasions like summer festivals and school trips.

Umetarou Nozaki[]


Yuzuki and Nozaki are not close, but she occasionally talks to him about Wakamatsu. She does not know that Nozaki is not fond of her, so her interactions with him are very casual without malice.

Masayuki Hori[]

Yuzuki is not close to Hori, but she calls him "Hori-chan" because she heard Kashima call him "Hori-chan-senpai". Hori does not like being addressed like that and reminds her to address him properly.

Mikoto Mikoshiba[]

Yuzuki is not close to Mikoshiba, but she recognizes him as Kashima and Chiyo's friend. She never addresses him by name; instead, she uses "stud" or other variations of that appellation. Mikoshiba is one of the characters who knows that Seo is the Lorelei of the Choir Club.

Roman Academy[]

Seo terrorizing the basketball court

According to the Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun personality quiz, Yuzuki Seo has a way of being the one to make things happen in her environment, this can be seen in other characters' impression of her. Teachers chase and scold her, the basketball team fears her, and some friends like her but find her obnoxious. Despite this, she tends to be the first person her friends think of when asked for a "normal high school girl".

The female basketball club tends to ask her for help sometimes, so they can get accustomed to playing against someone that's uncooperative. She continues breaking the rules until she's kicked out of the game.


  • The name Yuzuki means "tie, bind" (結) (yu) and "moon" (月) (tsuki/zuki).
  • Yuzuki's surname Seo means "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se) and "tail, ridge" (尾) (o).


  • Yuzuki's birthday is on Tanabata day.
  • Yuzuki tends to wear punkish clothing.
  • Yuzuki goes to different sports club for half the week, but she attends club every day before contests. Additionally, the Choir Club pretends they haven't heard rumors about Lorelei for fun.
  • Yuzuki's hobbies include moving her body, playing with friends, playing fighting games at arcades, tactic games, and action games (home only). She spends her holidays by going outside.
  • Yuzuki is good at singing and sports, but doesn't do well in group activities and can't read the atmosphere. However, she claims to be good at doing so.
  • Yuzuki's best subjects are Mathematics, World, and Japanese History while her worst subject is Japanese. Her elective subject is Music.
  • Yuzuki's favorite foods are sushi, yakitori, and roasted chicken. Her least favorite foods are dried shredded fish, sakura denbu, and garnishes (such as edible chrysanthemum).
  • Yuzuki has a father, mother, and an older brother named Ryousuke Seo who is a university student that works in a cafe.
  • Yuzuki lives relatively close to the school and usually goes to school by bicycle. Incidentally, she also lives near the train station and occasionally goes to school by train whenever she feels like it.
  • Yuzuki's type of guy is the type she has fun with.
  • Yuzuki is ranked 5th in the character popularity poll, according to official fan book.
  • According to Yuzuki's character profile in Chapter 40.5, her breast size is considered as large.
  • Her basketball jersey number is number 13.