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Yuu Kashima
Yuu Kashima
Biographical Information
Kanji 鹿島 遊
Also Known as The School's Prince
Horoscope Scorpio
Birthday October 31, 1994
Age 16-17
Class 2-G
Club Drama
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Height 176 cm (5'9)
Blood Type O
Anime Episode 3
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 5
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Mai Nakahara
English Voice Monica Rial

Yuu Kashima (鹿島 遊 Kashima Yū) is a friend and classmate of Mikoto Mikoshiba in Class 2-G. She is in the drama club and is considered one of their best actors.

Kashima is quite tall and has a prince-like personality that makes the girls fawn over her, giving her the nickname "The Prince of the School". Mikoto and Kashima considered each other rivals in their first year, but eventually became good friends.

Due to her tendency to ditch the drama club's activities, Kashima is often dragged by Masayuki Hori to their club. She is also often seen being abused physically by Hori in a comical way, and she is so used to it that she jokes about it.


Kashima is an attractive, androgynous teenage girl with bright green eyes and short, dark blue hair. Her bangs are swept to the left. According to her, she used to have long hair when she was younger and she is also very tall for a girl of her age.

Kashima is commonly seen in the school uniform, which consists of a white blouse with the top button undone with a loose red tie. She wears it with a black jumper that has the school emblem on it. In addition, she wears a navy skirt that ends just above her knees, with a pair of black socks and brown shoes. She wears shorts under her skirt so there's no trouble when changing clothes for club activities.


In addition to her rather androgynous appearance, Kashima also displays a somewhat princely personality, often flirting with the girls and addressing them with the honorific "-hime" ("princess"). Additionally, she likes it when girls fuss over her and considers all of them beautiful. She has difficulty working hard. 

She has a firm loyalty towards Masayuki Hori, whom she calls Hori-chan-senpai, and often seeks his attention. She tries to please Hori, but more often than not, misunderstands the situation and ends up getting things very wrong. For example, she mistook Hori's interest in shoujo manga as a desire to dress and act as a girl, and ended up doing embarrassing things to Hori such as leaving skirts in his locker.


According to Kashima, it was because of Masayuki Hori that she decided to enroll in Roman Academy and join the Drama Club. In her third year of middle school, she went to the high school cultural festival and saw Hori's superb acting.


Masayuki Hori[]

Kashima is Hori's kouhai (junior) in the drama club. She strives to be his number one kouhai, which often causes Hori to be annoyed with her. Their relationship is very close, to the point where they easily get along and often are the first person the other thinks of, but Hori also turns violent when Kashima skips out on club activities or insults him unintentionally. Despite this, she deeply respects and admires him. His acting was the reason why she enrolled in Roman Academy and joined the Drama Club.

Kashima usually refers to Hori whenever asked a question that involves "picturing another person" or an ideal situation to be in. She is easily upset by the idea of not being Hori's favorite kouhai and will go to extreme lengths to try to secure the position. However, this often backfires and makes Hori act violently towards her. A running gag of the series is that Kashima believes that Hori's dream is to play the princess. This is because she found a heavily bookmarked copy of "Let's Fall in Love" in his bag after he threw it at her. She constantly tries to fulfill this dream by doing things such as giving him female clothes, trading her skirt with his pants, and even telling him she'll help him fulfill his wish.

Kashima and Hori are so close that when they were asked about the previous year's sports festival, they could only recount seeing each other during the time. Kashima tells Chiyo Sakura how Hori was an opponent that she could not beat, because even though he was on the other team, whenever he asked her to pass the ball to him, she would gladly do so. Hori tells Mikoto Mikoshiba that the only thing he can remember about the previous year's sports festival was Kashima playing in various games.

The others suspect that Kashima likes Hori and vice versa. Kashima told Sakura that she liked Hori, but she said it so lightly that Sakura wasn't sure what she meant by it. In chapter 65, Kashima and Hori play the fortune-telling game Kokkuri-san, and Sakura asks them to ask Kokkuri-san about who their romantic interest has a crush on. Kashima and Hori are shown not allowing the coin to move, so that it cannot spell anything, as they were both trying to spell different things. Kashima wanted to spell out "Ka-shi-ma" and Hori wanted to spell out "Ka-ku-ni" (meat stew). Background characters also suspect that they like each other, as they get excited whenever Hori is upset or Kashima is acting princely towards Hori.

Kashima once revealed to Sakura that she gave Hori chocolate for Valentine's Day. She said that since Hori will not eat homemade chocolate, she copied the design of storebought chocolate and gave it to him. However, in an extra, the author reveals that Hori would have eaten her homemade chocolates anyway since he knows Kashima well.

Later Hori shows interest in a picture of a girl's legs that was taken during the beach chapter. It is revealed that the legs belong to Kashima. Mikoshiba, Sakura and Umetarou Nozaki try to make Hori realize those were her legs. It is revealed during this time that Hori only pays attention to Kashima's face and not her legs.

In chapter 87, Hori gives Kashima a makeover after seeing Mikoshiba's bad attempt. Another classmate describes it as "Hori's favorite face done in Hori's favorite way", and questions if that is the type he likes the most. Several days later, Hori realizes that Kashima is his ideal girl.

In chapter 112, Nozaki says that Hori confessed his feelings to Kashima. However, as a result, Kashima questions all of Hori's actions and asks him if he is doing these things because he likes her. This predictably annoys Hori to no end. As described by Mikoshiba, it seems that Kashima cannot trust Hori's feelings yet.

Mikoto Mikoshiba[]

Mikoshiba and Kashima were originally rivals since the first year of High School, but eventually became best friends. Kashima confides in Mikoshiba when she is upset and they tend to invite each other whenever allowed. Mikoshiba assumes that Masayuki Hori and Kashima like each other and tends to approach their relationship with caution and high expectations. The author states that Kashima likes Mikoshiba because he is "honest and easy to understand".

Chiyo Sakura[]

Kashima and Sakura are friends and act very welcoming towards each other. Though Chiyo is dedicated only to Umetarou Nozaki, she is sometimes affected by Kashima's charm. Kashima is aware of Chiyo's one-sided love for Nozaki; she finds it cute and mildly supports it.

Yuzuki Seo[]

Due to her tone-deafness, Kashima studies singing under Seo, but with little-to-no improvement. She refers to Seo as "sensei" or "coach"; however, the two are close with each other because of their personalities and the fact that Yuzuki is approximately the same height as Masayuki Hori. Hori states that he is proud of Kashima for gaining a normal female friend she can get along with.

Hirotaka Wakamatsu[]

Wakamatsu and Kashima are not very close. She recognizes him as a close friend of Yuzuki Seo, but thinks that he is somewhat dopey for the actions she has seen from him.

Umetarou Nozaki[]

Kashima and Nozaki have no direct connection. She is aware of Chiyo Sakura's crush on him and recognizes him as a friend of both Mikoto Mikoshiba and Masayuki Hori, as well as a rival for Hori's attention. Because she doesn't know that he is a manga author, she finds his behavior weird.

Rei Kashima[]

Rei is Kashima's younger sister in middle school who attends The Ladies Academy, which is three train stations away from Roman High School.


  • The name Yuu means "play" (遊).
  • Yuu's surname Kashima means "deer, venison" (鹿) (ka) and "island" (島) (shima).


  • Kashima's birthday is on Halloween.
  • Kashima considers all girls beautiful, but her ideal type is unknown.
  • Kashima has a father, mother, and a younger sister named Rei Kashima who is in middle school.
  • Kashima is known to excel in all school subjects, being at the top of her class, and she is good at all sports. Additionally, her elective subject is Calligraphy. However, she is tone-deaf (as revealed in Episode 10) and tries to hide this fact from everyone. She often avoids going to karaoke with other people. Yuzuki Seo tries to coach her, but to no avail.
  • Kashima likes nishikyou pickles, while she dislike pungent and bitter foods.
  • Kashima's hobbies include eating food at restaurants and shopping.
  • Kashima is ranked 4th in the character popularity poll, according to the official fan book.
  • According to Kashima's character profile in Chapter 40.5, her breast size is barely anything and she dresses like a 'bookish male student'.
  • Kashima apparently first met Masayuki Hori when she was in her second year of middle school, picking up something Hori had dropped near an unknown train station. During this time, she was still shorter than him and her hair was longer than it is now.