Anime blueprint of Chiyo's room

Chiyo Sakura lives in a two-storey house with her mother, father and younger brother Towa. She has to take the subway to get home when she's coming home from Nozaki's apartment, although his home is a short walk from their school. There are similar houses in her neighborhood. A car is parked in the covered garage in front of the house. A small metal gate needs to be opened before reaching the front door.

Chiyo's room in on the second floor. Once she enters, her clothes cupboard is on the left. Her bed is on the right next to a medium-sized window. Pink curtains are draped across it; a pink stuffed animal also rests on her bed. A poster of her favorite boy band hangs above her bed. Blue flowers can be seen blooming outside her window. Across her bed is her bookshelf which holds her shojo manga collection. A poster hangs above it. On top of her bookshelf, she has placed some small lotions/perfumes, a picture with her friends, and a stand that holds her Yumeno Sakiko autograph.

She has a red swivel chair for her desk. The desk has been placed in front of a window (the curtains are closed). Her books are on the top shelf, and small odds and ends are placed on the desk itself. A pink waste basket is to it. When she is seated, a calendar hangs to her left.

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