Oze (1)
Biographical Information
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 6
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 5
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Tatsuhisa Suzuki
English Voice Unknown
Oze is a supporting character (alongside Waka) in Umetarou Nozaki's manga "Let's Fall in Love". He often makes brief cameo appearances within the manga with his character being based off Yuzuki Seo.

Appearance Edit

Oze has short hair with a portion of his fringe being swept into the middle and can often be seen wearing his school uniform, consisting of a tie, a collared polo shirt.

Personality Edit

Oze can be seen as someone rather smug and annoying due to his bluntness and as someone that has no tact whatsoever. This is displayed by the fact of him bluntly telling Waka that he'd invite someone else for a date and when speaking to someone, he says he's going to go toilet. He's often nonchalant or indifferent about events that occur around him or about what people to say to him, smirking when Waka states that she hates him.

However, despite this personality, he is an anonymously encouraging Waka through calls, likewise to 'Lorelei's singing for Wakamatsu.

Relationships Edit

Waka Edit

Oze's feelings towards Waka have been hinted to be romantic as displayed of when she had a forehead injury and the writing (on her forehead) had displayed 'Love u'. On the other hand, this could also be interpreted and translated as 'You're open/ defenceless' or 'gap/ opening/ crevice'.

'Love u'

Oze's 'Love u'

Additionally, he supports Waka through voice messages, often encouraging and comforting her, making her feel happy in the process. However, despite those actions, he seemingly acts indifferently towards her, slightly scoffing when she proclaims that she hates him although doing minor yet caring actions such as giving her his umbrella on a rainy day.

Even though Oze's relationship with Waka has been hinted to be romantic, Nozaki is determined that he'll never allow them to be romantically set together as he sees Waka and Oze as their real life counterparts rather than their manga selves.

Trivia Edit

  • In some translations, his name is also known as 'Ose'.
  • As described by Wakamatsu, a large majority of Oze is screentone so he tends to prepare himself when Oze appears within the series (since he needs to cut a lot of screentone).
  • Nozaki had thought Wakamatsu had despised Oze due to him believing that Wakamatsu had noted Oze and Seo's similarities and therefore, did the screentone for Oze once which actually resulted in a depressed Wakamatsu.
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