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Ken Miyamae
Ken Miyamae
Biographical Information
Kanji 宮前 剣
Also Known as Editor (担当 tantō)
Horoscope Virgo
Birthday September 22, 1983
Age 27
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 171 cm (5'7)
Blood Type A
Anime Episode 5
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 7
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Kenta Miyake
English Voice Luis Galindo

Ken Miyamae (宮前 剣 Miyamae Ken) is Umetarou Nozaki's current editor. Nozaki likes that he responds quickly in comparison to his previous editor. Ken was classmates with Mitsuya Maeno and has known him since high school, but he is easily annoyed or embarrassed by him.


Ken is an adult male with dark greenish-blue hair and glasses. He appears to be overweight, but as revealed in Chapter 21 of the manga (Chapter 22 in volume format), he was originally slim in his first year of high school and college. The main source of his weight gaining comes from stress caused by Maeno.

Ken does not have a set outfit, but often wears casual clothing, such as sweats and hoodies.


Ken is a calm, responsible person. He is a competent editor and keeps Nozaki on-track when the latter's work tends to get derailed. In the manga, Nozaki describes Ken as "The Type That Gives Off The Feeling Of A Cool Adult." It's not unusual for Ken to seem that way, as he barely reveals anything about his personal life. (Nozaki even went out of his way to mark the date when Ken accidentally talked about his class reunion.)


Mitsuya Maeno[]


Maeno and Ken used to be classmates in high school among the same group of friends. They are both editors under Monthly Girls' Romance, though Maeno is his senpai by two years. Ken cannot stand Maeno's personality, although the latter believes they are friends.

Umetarou Nozaki[]

Umetarou Nozaki, pen name Yumeno Sakiko, is a mangaka under Ken's management. Their professional relationship started out roughly, but due to Ken's competence in his work, Nozaki becomes attached and is eternally grateful to him, going as far as saying he'd treat Ken better than a girlfriend. In contrast to Ken, Nozaki strongly disliked working under Maeno.


  • The name Ken means "sword, blade, saber" (剣).
  • Ken's surname Miyamae means "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya) and "previous/previously, before, earlier, front/in front, former, above, one-time, fore part, privy parts/privates, miss, presence, portion, for, since, forward" (前) (mae).


  • Ken's favorite foods are fried fish balls and alcohol while his least favorite foods are sweet foods.
  • Ken is inclined towards sensible, responsible, and self-reliant women.
  • Ken has a mother and a younger brother.
  • Ken's hobbies are reading books and watching movies.
  • Ken is the same age as Mitsuya Maeno.
    • However, Ken is two years behind Maeno, due to him taking his college entrance exam twice.
  • Ken is incredibly prompt and laconic when replying by text.
  • In the Drama CD/Fall Arc, Maeno states that Ken gained weight after college due to work-related stress.