The Manga Artist’s Brain, Nozaki-kun
Episode 7
Mangaka Nō Nozaki-kun
August 17, 2014
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The Manga Artist’s Brain, Nozaki-kun (漫画家脳野崎くん Mangaka Nō Nozaki-kun) is the seventh episode of the anime.


Part 1 Edit

After completing the month's manuscript, Umetarou Nozaki has the afternoon off; since he doesn’t have any particular hobbies, Chiyo Sakura goes with him to have some fun. However, Nozaki’s mind is always preoccupied with his manga so he relates every real life situation to it.

  • They go to see a movie which has some really great background shots that Nozaki wants to use as a reference.

  • At the café, he takes pictures of what they’re eating.

  • At the clothing store, he decides to buy some outfits so he can use them for Mamiko. He even asks Sakura to try on one so he can see how it looks, but see refuses.

  • When they go to the hobbies/toy store, they meet Mikoto Mikoshiba. Although he’s embarrassed to see them, Sakura and Mikorin convince Nozaki to pick out a figurine for himself. However, Nozaki is only interested in using it as a model for Suzuki.

  • Their final stop is at the art store. Sakura buys some supplies for the art club; she tries to convince Nozaki-kun to try oil or watercolor painting. All he can think of is how in the future his collection of illustrations will be sold and he’ll be famous not only as a manga artist but also as a real artist. Sakura replies that doing such a thing wouldn't count as having a hobby.

    After their trip, he asks Sakura to come over if she is free; he had made too much food and had no one to finish it. Sakura realizes she shouldn’t have expected more from him.

Part 2 Edit

Sakura asks Mikorin to be their model for her afterschool art club. However, he refuses. Within minutes another girl from the club asks him, and he immediately agrees. Realizing what he’s done (because of his different personalities), he begs Sakura to get him out of it; she refuses.

The next afternoon, each girl gets him to do the kind of pose they want to draw. Nozaki also arrives because he has plans with Mikoshiba. Mikorin hopes he can get him out of this mess, but Nozaki, unaware of Mikorin’s feelings, takes permission to take some photos of the club room while the girls are busy with Mikoshiba. Later, he starts to sketch as well, but Sakura notices that he’s just plotting out manga points. Sakura lets Nozaki choose the final pose; he makes all the girls take different stances around Mikoshiba. Sakura realizes she just let Nozaki-kun take over the art club.   

Quotes Edit

  • Umetarou Nozaki (to Chiyo Sakura): “Once I’m completely free from manga, I ponder my complete lack of hobbies.”

  • Umetarou Nozaki (after trying on the sailor dress himself): “I wish I’d been born a slender bishounen. How I loathe these muscles!!”