There are Times When Men Must Fight.
Episode 4
Otoko ni wa, Tatakawaneba Naranai, Toki ga Aru.
July 27, 2014
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There are Times When Men Must Fight. (男には、戦わねばならない、時がある。 Otoko ni wa, Tatakawaneba Naranai, Toki ga Aru.) is the fourth episode of the anime.


Since he was really shy around girls, Mikoshiba decided to play video games to learn more about them. However, the responses each girl gives based on each “route” he takes end up driving him crazy, making it even harder for him to understand girls. He plays with Nozaki one afternoon when Nozaki has some free time. Nozaki at first isn’t interested, but agrees to play just to see what it’s like. After going through the whole game, they conclude that the perfect love interest for the protagonist is his best friend who sacrificed three years of his high school life for the hero. Nozaki and Mikoshiba immediately begin to work on a manga for them. When Sakura comes over the next day, she finds both boys have passed out from exhaustion. She can’t understand what happened at night.

Mikoshiba is invited by some boys in his class to a mixer. Since he lacks conversational skills with girls, he practices with Nozaki and Sakura. However, the answers they give are not the ones that can be used at traditional mixers. Mikorin concludes that both of them can never go to any mixer ever. In the end, he declines participating, and Kashima goes in his place. The other boys are happy they will have one less rival to worry about. Unfortunately for them, the girls all fawn over Kashima and boys are left speechless.


  • [Mikoshiba](to Nozaki): Stop associating everything with love!!!

  • [Mikoshiba and Nozaki] (about the game’s main character’s best friend): You gave three years of your high school life for a protagonist like me!!

  • [Mikoshiba](to Sakura and Nozaki): That’s enough. I was stupid to ask you guys for help.
  • [Mikoshiba](to Sakura and Nozaki): You two are never allowed to go to mixers. You’ll just bother people.

  • [Sakura] (to Mikoshiba): You’ve never really talked to a girl. You only called out to them for a distance.
  • Mikoshiba: Sakura, you have greatly wounded my pride. Just watch. I’ll show you my charismatic talk skills. (While talking to some girls-a mail text to Sakura) I’m sorry; please help me.
  • Sakura’s reply: What happened to your pride?!!

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