Say Hello to the New Heroine
Episode 2
新ヒロインをよろしくね ♪
Nyū Hiroin wo Yoroshiku Ne
July 13, 2014
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Say Hello to the New Heroine (新ヒロインをよろしくね ♪ Nyū Hiroin wo Yoroshiku Ne) is the second episode of the anime.

Summary Edit

Part OneEdit

Nozaki asks Sakura if it’s okay to invite one of his friends, Mikoto Mikoshiba to help today. He says he’s really gentle and in his heart he calls him “Mikorin”. A young boy with bright red hair, red eyes, and earrings makes his appearance. He speaks like a delinquent, shocking Sakura. Suddenly some girls call out to him, and he starts flirting with them. Sakura asks Nozaki in what way is he the gentle type, and worthy of being called “Mikorin”. All at once, Mikorin turns red, incredibly embarrassed about the things he said to the girls. Nozaki explains that it’s adorable the way he flirts, and then gets embarrassed by himself. Sakura understands, but thinks that it’s just annoying.

At Nozaki’s home, Mikorin tells Sakura not to ask him for any help since he hates troublesome stuff like that. She doesn’t, and he starts moping hoping she will. Nozaki notices his behavior, and he asks Sakura to ask Mikorin for help or advice. She agrees just to cheer him up.

Later when they’re playing their own version of “Memory Sketch”, Sakura wonders how Mikorin helps with Nozaki's manga. Mikorin shows her that his real talent is bringing out the hero’s charms to the fullest (drawing detailed flowers, accents, and effects in the background). Sakura is impressed, but at the same time she feels the hero (Suzuki-kun) is really annoying.

One day after school, Sakura asks Nozaki how he became friends with him since they have really different personalities. He explains that he was observing him for some character ideas, and then they eventually became friends. She looks through the manga to see where he is; Nozaki tells her Mikorin is the heroine- Mamiko.

Part TwoEdit

Nozaki decides to introduce a new character in the manga; he asks Sakura if she has any friends who stand out and can be used as a reference. She says she has one friend, Yuzuki Seo, who’s always being chased. Nozaki imagines her being chased by boys, but instead he sees teachers chasing her because she’s done something wrong. After meeting her and spending the day with her, he decides she’s just really oblivious, unaware of other people’s feelings and just saying whatever she wants without thinking. Sakura asks him to forget about that part of her and shows him who she really is- the Glee Club’s Lorelei, an incredibly talented singer. Overcome with shock, Nozaki cries out that this fraud.

That evening Sakura wonders what kind of character her friend will be in the manga. Mikorin looks over the manuscript and can’t believe Seo has been turned into a crass and rude boy.


  • [Mikoshiba]: Who’s the shrimp? As his assistant, I’m your senpai, so you better show me respect.

  • [Nozaki](about Mikoshiba): He says it himself, and now he’s embarrassed by it. Adorable isn’t it?”
  • [Sakura]: Then he shouldn’t have said it in the first place.

  • [Mikoshiba](to Sakura): Let me say one thing. If there’s anything you don’t understand, don’t ask me. I hate troublesome things like that.
  • [Nozaki](to Sakura): He really wants you to ask him something so please do so.

  • [Sakura](after playing the drawing game): Mikoshiba, you failed all of them!”
  • [Mikoshiba]: Quiet!! Don’t judge me by just these!!

  • [Nozaki](after knowing about the Glee Club's Lorelai): This is fraud!!


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