Let's Rice
Episode 11
September 14, 2014
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Let’s Rice (米しよっ♡ Komeshiyo) is the 11th episode of the anime.


The recent storyline developments are not working that well. Nozaki wants to make things more flashy and exciting. He discusses some points with Sakura, but they are unable to come up with anything unique. Therefore, Nozaki decides he’ll set up some “exciting developments” for Sakura the next day at school.

Throughout the day, Nozaki tries out all kinds of different ideas. Sakura is happy with some of them, but other ones just annoy and shock her. When Nozaki’s classmate sees them, he tells Nozaki to stop it—he’s not a grade school kid who pulls pranks on girls. The boy is amazed when Nozaki informs him that they agreed to this. On the way home, Sakura expects Nozaki to do something. However, he tells her he just wanted to walk home with her.

Because of heavy rainfall and transportation problems, Hori, Mikoshiba, and Wakamatsu spend the night at Nozaki’s house. Mikoshiba and Waka meet for the first time; Mikorin warms up to him the second Waka tells him he thinks he’s really “cool”. Hori instructs Nozaki not to tell Mikoshiba that he’s the one who does the backgrounds because he doesn’t want Kashima to find out. Nozaki starts making dinner while the other boys start talking. Mikorin tries to get Hori and Waka to talk about girls-the subject he believes boys usually discuss when they get together. Hori, however, notices that Nozaki is turning their conversation into “girls talk” for his manga.

When the trio are about to go to sleep, Nozaki asks them not to. He tries to make the “sleepover scenario” more exciting, but he can’t think of any good ideas. The trio starts discussing the girls they like; Sakura’s name comes up, and they decide to ask Nozaki about her. However, Nozaki has fallen fast asleep. The trio ends up challenging each other to an arm wrestling tournament that lasts the whole night.


Nozaki: “Excitement is hard.”

Nozaki to Sakura: “Want to walk home with me?”

Sakura: “So the surprises continue after school…”

Mikoshiba’s Thoughts: “What do guys usually talk about when they get together?”

Wakamatsu: “Then for Nozaki-senpai’s sake let’s do our best and talk about relationships.”