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Chiyo Sakura
Chiyo Sakura
Biographical Information
Kanji 佐倉 千代
Horoscope Aries
Birthday March 27, 1995
Age 16-17
Class 2-A
Club Art
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Height 145 cm (4'9)
Blood Type O
Anime Episode 1
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Ari Ozawa
English Voice Juliet Simmons

Chiyo Sakura (佐倉 千代 Sakura Chiyo) is the main female protagonist of the series. She is a high school student at Roman Academy, a member of its Art Club. As Umetarou Nozaki's assistant, she is in charge of filling in the betas.


Chiyo is a short teenage girl with chest-length orange hair and purple eyes. She wears her signature pair of red bows with white polka dots on both sides of her head.

Chiyo is most commonly seen in her school uniform, which consists of a white blouse, a ribbon, and a grey blazer on top and a short navy blue skirt with black over-knee socks and brown school loafers.

Even though Chiyo is in her second year and should be wearing a red uniform ribbon, hers is blue, which is the standard third year color. Her ribbon is her personal accessory, which is bigger than the usual school ribbons.


Chiyo is a bright, cheerful young girl who has been shown to be very easily influenced, often letting her imagination go wild. For example, she became excited when Mikoto Mikoshiba first introduced her to Yuu Kashima and hugely misjudged their relationship. Chiyo has also been shown, for the most part, to be able to get along with others. She is hardworking and described as passionate by Umetarou Nozaki. She seems to be the most normal of the main characters.

Although she is often surprised and sometimes even annoyed by her friends' odd personalities, she is still kind to them regardless. For instance, even though Yuzuki Seo is often rude to people, she still managed to be friends with her. This may be partly due to her slight naïveté; she often cannot tell why people are annoyed by Yuzuki. Outside of school, Chiyo is also passionate about drawing, as she is a member of the Art Club and enjoys helping out Nozaki with his manga Let's Fall in Love.

Chiyo constantly struggles to convey her feelings to her crush, Nozaki. She is often irked and depressed by her failed attempts to change her relationship with Nozaki. In her first effort to confess to him, he mistakenly thought she was asking for his autograph. Since helping his mangaka work as an assistant, Chiyo has continued her attempts at winning his affection, although her endeavors are often fruitless due to a mixture of bad luck and Nozaki's obliviousness. Nevertheless, she does not give up and continues to work hard.


Chiyo has been shown to have precise skill in drawing portraits and painting. She is part of the Art Club and also is responsible for the betas in Nozaki's manga. Her art style is very classical, and includes many details. She is also capable of copying other manga characters by simply looking, but can't modify or change their poses. Anatomy has been stated to be one of her weak spots.


Umetarou Nozaki[]

Nozaki lifting up Chiyo

Nozaki is Chiyo's schoolmate and crush whom she first met after being late to the school entrance ceremony. Due to Nozaki's lack of sleep as a result of his manga work, she would greatly misunderstand many of his actions, while also developing a crush on him. Since then, she has become fixated on him, although he forgot their first encounter after that day. Eventually, in their second year, Chiyo attempted to confess her feelings to him after school. Unfortunately, he misunderstood this confession, assuming she was just a fan of his manga. As a result, she discovered his profession and joined his work as one of his assistants.

Chiyo greatly loves and admires Nozaki. She is exceedingly devoted to him, tending to favor him over others, although sometimes her devotion becomes borderline obsession, something that many others have commented on. However, because of Nozaki's blunt and clueless personality, most of her advances and attempts to express her feelings are always mistaken. She is also sometimes bothered by Nozaki's far-fetched ideas for his manga and easily misinterprets his interactions for more material for his manga as romantic deeds towards her, but that doesn’t stop her from "confessing".

Despite the lack of progress with him, Chiyo continues to hold deep feelings for Nozaki and persists as his assistant in order to spend more time together with him. Notably, Chiyo's ribbon that she gave to him in their first meeting was the inspiration for Mamiko's design.

Mikoto Mikoshiba[]


Nozaki first introduced Mikoshiba to Chiyo at school, who was under the impression that Mikoshiba was a girl due to his nickname Mikorin. During their first meeting, she was surprised by the contrast from the description Nozaki had given her. Initially, Mikoshiba came off as rough and haughty to her as a result of him acting like a playboy, as well as being her manga assistant senior.

However, her image of him would quickly soften as she learned that his real self is more shy and earnest. Particularly, when Nozaki revealed that Mikoshiba was the inspiration for "Mamiko" much to her gradual surprise, she began to associate him with the character. Since then, Mikoshiba and Chiyo have become very good friends and work colleagues. Chiyo can be sometimes shocked, and even annoyed by many of his tsundere actions, as well as his girlish character and otaku lifestyle. For example, she is unaffected by his tendency to say flirtatious lines.

Nevertheless, Chiyo finds him easy to be with due to his feminine traits. Likewise, Mikoshiba also finds her presence comforting, and is usually able to be his true self around her, despite him being shy and putting on an act in front of other girls. He is also aware of her crush on Nozaki, mainly becoming stunned by the lengths she will go to win Nozaki's heart. As colleagues, they both have respect for each other's skills and specialties, being able to work together effectively as a team.

Yuzuki Seo[]


Yuzuki is Chiyo's friend and classmate. Chiyo first met Yuzuki when they were seated next to each other, and they became friends after talking with each other (in contrast to Nozaki's imagination, where he thought Chiyo initially disliked Yuzuki, becoming friends after a race with her that began a "friendly rivalry"). Yuzuki and Chiyo normally get along very well despite Yuzuki's blunt personality. Strangely, Chiyo does not understand why people often get easily irritated with Yuzuki. They rarely become frustrated with each other, although they are sometimes puzzled by each other's actions.

Chiyo has also been shown to greatly admire Yuzuki's singing abilities, introducing her to Nozaki as a possible character model when he told her that he wanted to create new characters. She also becomes very happy when others like her friend's singing, such as misinterpreting Nozaki asking for Lorelei's songs as a sign of his enjoyment. In reality, Nozaki was asking for her music as a favor to Hirotaka Wakamatsu.

Yuu Kashima[]


Chiyo first met Kashima when Mikoshiba introduced her. Mikoshiba described her as the "Prince of the School", leading Chiyo to believe, since Mikoshiba is the inspiration for Mamiko, that Mikoshiba is cheating on his "already boyfriend (Suzuki)". Chiyo was relieved when she found out Kashima was actually a girl.

Yuu admitted that she was a bit shocked that Chiyo previously didn't know about her. The two eventually become good friends. When Chiyo asked Masayuki Hori if he prefers briefs, Yuu was confused by what she said. Kashima has also shown signs that she was worried for Chiyo's sake on multiple occasions. She is unaware of Chiyo's position as manga assistant.

In contrast to most girls, Chiyo is mostly unaffected by Kashima's charm. When they first met, Kashima commented that she was shocked Chiyo hadn't heard about her until then. Chiyo thought to herself that Kashima was very cool, but that she only had eyes for Nozaki. As a result, the two of them (along with Yuzuki Seo) have more of a "normal" friendship, compared to Kashima's fangirls who flirt and go out to various places with Kashima.

Masayuki Hori[]

Chiyo asking Hori about the "briefs" symbol

Chiyo first encountered Hori when she met Kashima for the first time. Hori ran toward Kashima, who was flirting with other girls, and kicked her. Chiyo was surprised and shocked by his violence. Later that night as she was helping Nozaki, she noticed a picture of a cat on one of the manga panels. Nozaki told her that represents the job the person in charge of backgrounds is supposed to do. Chiyo thought the backgrounds person was a girl at first, until she noticed the picture of briefs and wondered what their gender was.

The next day, Kashima asked Chiyo to help the Drama Club with their stage, and she met Hori again. After talking, she noticed the cat symbol on one of the backgrounds and immediately realized Hori was the background assistant, and asked if he preferred briefs (leading to Kashima's confusion). Despite being quite fazed by Hori's violent attitude towards Kashima, Chiyo gets along well with her senpai.

Hirotaka Wakamatsu[]


Wakamatsu is Chiyo's kouhai, due to him being a first year. Chiyo first met Wakamatsu when Nozaki texted her about his cold, which he sent to Hori and Wakamatsu as well. As the three assistants brought ink by instinct, they decided to work on Nozaki's manga together while Nozaki was resting. Since then, Chiyo has gotten along well with Wakamatsu.

He is constantly picked on by Yuzuki often to the point that the rest of the basketball team gives him warnings when she is on the court with them. He suffers from insomnia, but after hearing Yuzuki's singing voice, he falls asleep after the first three seconds. Chiyo gets along well with him and feels sympathy when she sees that he is suffering under Yuzuki's oblivious behavior. For example, she takes him out to buy drinks the day that she goes swimsuit shopping with Yuzuki and Yuu and he gets caught in the process of following them.

Towa Sakura[]


Towa is Chiyo's younger brother who was introduced in Chapter 84.5. The two have a normal sibling relationship; however, he doesn't like it when she rambles on about her crush on Nozaki. He is currently under the impression that Nozaki is a magazine model.


  • The name Chiyo means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "generation" (代) (yo).
  • Chiyo's surname Sakura means "help, aid" (佐) (sa) and "warehouse, storehouse, barn, treasury, granary, cellar, magazine, godown, depository, elevator, storage place, repository, supply shed, grain elevator, stockpile, arsenal" (倉) (kura).


  • Chiyo's birthday is on Cherry Blossom day.
  • Chiyo is the only character in the series who carries a backpack for school.
  • Chiyo is a light reader and likes shoujo manga, but she isn't a fan of any series in particular.
  • Chiyo likes cheesecake and sweets, while she dislikes green curry.
  • Chiyo has a hobby of collecting small, cute things. She unconsciously collects ribbons and is obsessed with them, regardless of their appearance.
  • Chiyo is the shortest out of of all the main characters.
  • In addition to her current high school ribbons, Chiyo wore flashy ribbons in preschool and small black ones in middle school.
  • Chiyo's specialty in art is watercolor painting. This is further shown by how she uses a watercolor brush for beta rather than a brush pen, which is normally used for beta.
  • Chiyo's best subject and elective is Art, while her worst subjects are Physics and Science. She is also bad at team sports as she often becomes a burden.
  • After school, when Chiyo doesn't need to help Umetarou Nozaki with anything, she goes to Art Club.
  • Chiyo is ranked 3rd in the character popularity poll, according to the official fanbook.
  • According to Chiyo's profile in Chapter 40.5, she has a regular breast size and overall seems dumb.