Six “special anime footage” episodes around four minutes each were released between September 24 2014 to February 25 2015 bundled throughout six volumes. They all start with a chibi Sakura asking Nozaki-kun to watch the specials with her. When she trips and falls, multiple chibi Nozaki-kuns in different outfits appear around her, making Sakura wonder if she’s dreaming.

Specials Intro


Special One English: Is That Handsome Guy a Friend or a Boy Friend?

Special Two English: Is That Handsome Guy a friend?? Or a Boyfriend?? Continued.

Special Three English: A Comprehensive Relationship Chart

Special Four English: Summer Time! Beach Time! Trip time!

Special Five English: Which Shines Brighter, Me or the Sun?

Special Six English: Making that Accident for a Young Girl’s Shoujo Manga